Growing Pains
Scaling Emerging Brands on a Lean Budget


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  • You've taken the leap to franchise your business and scale your brand. Now, the opportunities have increased, but so have the challenges as you risk outgrowing your own infrastructure.

    Emerging brands have to grow, but even success brings risk. You can quickly find your budget is lean, your team is spread thin, and it's now impossible to meet operational demands. 

    This webinar is an opportunity to hear from two franchisors who've navigated these waters with lessons to share.

    Join Maggie Cruz, VP Recruitment Operations, Woofies Pet Ventures, and René Evans, Franchising Director of Manduu as they offer guidance on finding the right solutions at the right time to effectively scale your brand.

    Gain from insights they've learned in scaling an emerging franchise brand, such as: 

    • Common growing pains faced with emerging brands
    • The inflection points of when to buy infrastructure versus scaling your team
    • The ROI on investing in technology at the right time

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About The Presenters


Tessa Husain, Director of Sales, FranConnect

Tessa has led FranConnect's Emerging Franchise Brand program for the past two years. With a background in building strategies and technology for businesses, Tessa has been instrumental in creating the new program, launched in 2018 as a response to customer feedback. She’s been involved in signing on over 150+ franchise brands of 5 to 100 locations each, giving her unique breadth of experience into the challenges and solutions for emerging franchise brands.

Maggie Cruz

Maggie Cruz, VP Recruitment Operations, Woofies Pet Ventures

Woofie’s is the first franchise system in the pet industry to offer the combined services of pet sitting, dog walking and mobile pet spa. Maggie Cruz has been Woofie’s VP of Recruitment Operations since it began franchising in 2018. She is the first contact for prospective leads and guides them through Woofie’s franchise sales process. She coordinates all the lead statuses, creates the automated messaging and manages franchisee information through Franconnect. Maggie also oversees Woofie’s FDD updates and registrations and leads the public relations efforts for franchise development.

Rene Evans

René Evans, Franchising Director, Manduu

René Evans discovered franchising after a career in health care public relations, freelance writing, owning a walking tour company, and managing street festivals. She found Manduu first as a client and stumbled into her role shortly after her husband joined the company as CFO. When the company found itself short-handed, she volunteered to help out on a short-term basis and now she's all in.

Keith Gerson Square

Keith Gerson, CFE, President of Franchise Ops & CMO, FranConnect

Keith Gerson brings 40+ years of executive level expertise as a passionate and driven Franchisor and Franchisee with a proven track-record in building rapid-growth, and highly profitable franchise organizations. Over the last five years, Keith has served as President and Chief Customer Advocate for FranConnect where he has been able to work closely with many Executive Boards and Leadership Teams that are part of FranConnect’s portfolio of 700+ brands and 110,00 locations. His focus is on helping franchisors to get to their desired future state in sales, operations, communications, and engagement. Recognized in franchising circles for his extensive leadership experience, and ability to drive execution, Keith is a highly-rated keynote speaker and has had the rare opportunity to have created several leading franchise systems from their very conception through launch and sustained growth taking these systems from micro-emerging status to that of successful enterprise level brands.

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FranConnect provides proven franchise management software to more than 700 brands and 140,000 franchisees including multi-unit operators and area developers. The company’s customers rely on FranConnect to grow the number of units and make them more successful. Only FranConnect comes with Franchising Built-In™ – exclusive functionality and best practices for the entire franchise lifecycle – so franchisors can more effectively manage, track, and run their business.