Feed the Eagles, Not the Turkeys
Performance-Based Franchisee Support

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philly-pretzelAwarding and opening a franchise is just the first step in the franchisee lifecycle - and it takes a lot of effort and training to get that far.

Too often, however, performance drops immediately after "the honeymoon" period. Effort increases even as revenues, investment, and brand fail to evolve.

How can franchisors create a culture of engaged "owners" and not simply "operators" at every location?

In this webinar, we'll explore KPIs and processes to monitor, support, and engage franchisees. You'll learn how to manage franchisee performance "After Opening" (AO) and takeaway winning strategies & proven practices that enable franchisees to soar.

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  • Drive continued franchisee performance using KPIs and benchmarking after onboarding.
  • Ensure long-lasting franchisee success with best practices, methods, and tools.
  • Execute a post-opening program for new franchisees


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Watch the Video Now &
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About The Presenters

Ivan Olmedo

Ivan Olmedo, IT Director & Controller, Philly Pretzel Factory

Ivan Olmedo has over 20 years' experience in the Franchising. He started his career with Rita's Water Ice in the late 90's where he helped develop their accounting infrastructure. He automated their sales reporting system and royalty collection system. He also implemented Rita's 1st intranet system Webrizon (the predecessor to FranConnect).

During the last 10 years he has been part of the Philly Pretzel Factory (Soft Pretzel Franchise Systems, Inc.) as its IT Director & Controller, where he is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of all IT resources. During this time, he has developed their accounting infrastructure and automated all reporting processes. These innovations allow both the Franchisee & Franchisor the ability to have real time data at their fingertips.


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FranConnect provides proven franchise management software to more than 700 brands and 140,000 franchisees including multi-unit operators and area developers. The company’s customers rely on FranConnect to grow the number of units and make them more successful. Only FranConnect comes with Franchising Built-In™ – exclusive functionality and best practices for the entire franchise lifecycle – so franchisors can more effectively manage, track, and run their business.